Sabine Kaner is a fine art textile artist working with mixed media materials based in the UK. Her practice adds a unique visual conversation to the landscape of contemporary British art that investigates and calls to attention the treatment and transitions of its wider colonial peoples. Sitting at the boundary of embroidery and fine art, she employs a combination of stitch, print, collage, and more recently glass, sourcing these materials from a selection of repurposed fabrics, used family garments and newly produced materials.

Sabine has been working with textiles since 2000, a shift from her original training as a fine art printer. However, much of the composition used in her original prints is evident in the careful placing of shapes and forms that she now presents through embroidery and textiles. As a fine art textile practitioner, she provides a unique perspective integrating powerful themes that reflect her lived experience and prejudicial barriers faced by her particular cohort of second generation migrants and the acceptance of mixed race peoples in the UK, which has been both difficult and celebrated. To find out more about Sabine’s work, click here, or click here to view the gallery.