I approach my work through a variety of psychological lenses. I am concerned with the human condition, identity, social and current events, as well as the landscape of the mind.

Working in a semi abstract way, a lot of my work has reoccurring abstract shapes but also more familiar, identifiable ones. I like to experiment using different materials and layering.

Each piece is a one off stand alone piece, but at the same time also connects together as a series of work, and holds a shared relationship to all the other pieces, expressing something of the journey and story that it inhabits.

I use a lot of repurposed clothes and found materials that I deconstruct and in-corporate into my compositions. I often have an emotional connection to the cloth and this can be the starting point of a piece. My surroundings and environments are also part of the narrative. Travelling between the rural and the urban I am influenced by both.

I use techniques of print making, drawing, painting, appliqué, alongside hand stitch to create the collage effects of my compositions. Colour is a very important element in my work, used to capture some of the story that I am expressing, consciously or unconsciously.