My work starts with a piece of calico or linen and is built up from there. I often use felt and selected items of recycled clothing, creating a collage of materials. Some are donated to me by the family or I visit second hand shops. I was trained as a printer so I use familiar printing techniques to make my initial marks alongside drawing and watercolours.

Before I start a piece of work I do quite a lot of initial research into the techniques I want to use and how I would like the piece to turn out, but this is always a loose vision as the piece once started takes on a life of its own.

I use a lot of stitching in my work, as I really enjoy the rhythm of hand stitch, and find it very therapeutic. Watching the piece build up through layers of fabric and stitch is very satisfying. My threads are like a box of paints, and for me are what transform the piece into my personal vision.